summer nail art 2023

A time of bright colors, relaxation and carelessness will soon replace reserved and drab tones, and we are talking about beautiful summer manicures. Fashion for summer dictates its own rules, and trendy summer nail art 2023 is no exception.

Be amazed by the bright neon tones, attractive summer manicure designs, a sea of sparkles and decorations as well as an abundance of fabulous prints and patterns in trendy summer nail art designs 2023. Common nail design techniques will receive new ideas in fashionable ones. Summer manicure, and it will be more interesting and creative. You’ll get a shiny new summer manicure with a matte finish that looks great when paired with neon gel polish.

Gradual summer nail designs will be a real hit, which will be found in many variations and designs – with pictures, rhinestones and glitter, confetti and rubbing, allowing you to feel the trendiest summer nail designs at your fingertips. Elegant floral designs, geometry on nails with glitter, elegant minimalism and «color blocks» appear in the collection of top nail art masters as a trendy new summer manicure for the upcoming season. The best version of the summer nail art design can be complemented with predatory jewelry, one of the trend decisions will be a leopard pattern on summer nails with a red or nude coating.

Summer nail art features elegant prints on nails in the style of pencil sketches, which look very stylish with matte designs and glossy coatings. In addition, a modern summer manicure with holes will be indispensable, “modeling” a stunning summer nail design. Enriching your fingers you will find a fashionable summer manicure “Deep Design”, which will allow you to boast of a simple and at the same time stylish nail art. And what is summer without snacks with which the masters will decorate their fingers – and it’s all about pictures! Juicy and loved by all berries – strawberries, cherries, as well as citrus and much more will be wonderful summer nail art designs 2023 in the quality of fashionable prints.

Summer Manicure «Deep Design»

summer nail

A simple summer nail design with bright neon colors and soft pastel or nude that looks interesting and extravagant is a summer manicure in the style of “deep design”. Play with neon colors and neutral gamma, create a transparent stencil print on many nails in a playful and trendy summer manicure with a matte glossy finish, “deep design” technique.

French Manicure for Summer

Manicure for Summer

A favorite remedy for many women is a French manicure, which some women are not ready to do even in summer. We will offer you a wonderful French summer manicure with a bright “smile”, certainly using a matte top or displaying an extravagant print on several fingers of a stylish summer French.

Bright Fruits in Summer Nail Art

Bright Fruits nail

If you like fruits, then decorate your summer manicure with bright prints. Using rhinestones and glitter, you can get a bright and unusually “tasty” summer nail art design on your fingers. Turn on the fantasy and add a “fruity” summer manicure with multicolored nail coverings or “negative space”.

Summer Nail Art «Abstraction» Design

Abstraction Design

Abstract manicure is so loved by lovers of new designs on nails that masters are interpreting this theme more and more. And this time they offered us a winning option – a trendy nail design in an abstract style, French or trendy summer nail art design 2023, which is complemented by a gradient.

Matte Summer Nail Design

Matte Summer nail

A muffled coating will be a summer manicure trend, especially when we are talking about neon gel polish. It is in the matte style of execution that the bright summer manicure looks more elegant. You can use matte summer nail designs in almost any manicure, both monochrome and with drawings.

Predatory Print in Summer Nail Design

Print in Summer Nail

A new summer print in nail art design is proposed by the “animal” decor, which will be mysterious and interesting. Careful attention to your hands is guaranteed with the same predatory pattern on summer nails. You can do violent summer nail art in matte nude shade or bright and colorful, which will undoubtedly be equally trendy in summer nail designs.

Bright Summer Manicure in Neon Color

Manicure in Neon

In summer you want to try bright shades of lacquer, and why not? This summer, bright colors will be one of the fashion trends of summer nail design, and then you can safely choose shades of coral, lemon, green, blue gel polish. Add some sparkle to it in the form of foil, glitter or confetti – and you will have a wonderful summer manicure design in bright colors.

Trendy Summer Ombre Manicure

Summer Ombre Manicure

Fashionable summer ombre manicure can embody all your design ideas this summer by giving shine and charm to your fashionable nail points. Trendy summer ombre nail designs will be attractive both in urban outfits and vacations.

Summer Nail Design with Confetti


A playful summer manicure with confetti will be another trend of the summer season, which is beautiful in everyday summer looks as well as festive summer nail designs. A super stylish version of a summer manicure – apply round confetti on your toes and create an ombre effect on top of it with a bright matte finish. A more unusual style of summer manicure with stripes is golden confetti.

Trendy Summer Manicure for Evening

Manicure for Evening

The severity of each event dictates a specific nail design style. In the summer, a wonderful addition to evening manicure with rhinestones and beads will serve. Masters design summer nails with rhinestones in the form of strips along the nail, multicolored beads and crystals are also indispensable on summer nails. It is possible to completely cover the entire surface of the summer nail with crystals to get a stunning summer nail design for the evening.

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