nail art for short nails 2023

The Finest Short Nail Art Designs

I’ve always believed that I’m not cut out for nail art. mostly because long tips were consistently used in bold, elaborate designs that went viral on Instagram or Pinterest. Yet it turns out that I choose to stay away from the nail art gathering.

Short nails are easy for real life

Short nails benefit from designs with negative space because they lengthen the nail bed and encourage growth, according to the expert, particularly at the base of the cuticle. The only exception, in my opinion, would be intricate, full-coverage artwork.

Langston says that trying a neutral polish with a downward line or a slight vertical angle down the middle of your nail will also create the illusion of longer nails. For the best nail art designs for short nails, keep scrolling.

Seeing Stars

Seeing Stars

This look can technically be achieved on all nail lengths, but we think it makes shorter nails really pop.

Minimalist Half Moons

Who says half moons have to sit at the base of your nails? Nail artist Betty Goldstein gave a modern twist to a classic nail art design by painting small crescents on the corner tips of the nails, then outlining the shapes in gold glitter.

Deep French Manicure

You don’t need long tips to participate in the 2019 comeback of the French manicure. Instead, use a darker color like poppy red and draw a horizontal stripe down the middle of the nail bed. Then fill in the space.

Geometry Class

Geometry Class

With this manicure, there is no right or wrong way to perform it. After applying a clear base coat, use a striping brush to paint the desired color onto the geometric shapes. The manicure’s final result has the 80s “saved by the bell” theme.

Sparkly Stripes

Yes, glitter nail polish can be subtle. Paintbox designs are easy to DIY at home and extend short nails if that’s your goal. After painting your nails your favorite neutral shade, use a striping brush to paint a vertical line down the middle with glitter nail polish. Alternatively, nail foil can be used as an accent.

Painterly Strokes

This manicure is straight out of Monet. A museum-worthy manicure is a series of small brushstrokes on the tip of the nail. If you can’t keep a steady hand while painting your nails, this is for you.

Groovy French Manicure

This play on the French manicure gives the classic design a literal twist. The play on the negative space prevents the violet polish from overdoing the small size.

Rainbow Nails

Why choose one nail polish when you can have everything? It is impossible to muck up this rainbow-inspired manicure. Once you have chosen all the colors you want to use, just paint your nails. That’s it.

All Angles

What results when you combine negative space nail art with a French manicure? The stylish layout. The various colour options for these corners are infinite and add length to the fingers.


Negative Space Half Moons

When in doubt, the negative space half moon is always a great option. Even when your nails lengthen, this pattern still looks salon-fresh.

Stamp It

While nail artist Madeline Poole used studs for this manicure, you can also easily brush on colored squares or dots. Decals work too.

Fine Details

Adding a mix of small embellishments is the perfect way to make a small, neutral manicure really pop. Boyce asserts that rounder tips look best on short nails. Moreover, it scales nicely and is simple to make oval-shaped. Lipman concurs that natural gemstone sizing will become more popular in 2023. By appropriately pulling back your cuticles and mirroring the curve of your nail tip, you may easily find a nail shape that fits your hand, as she advises. It results in the most natural-looking, lengthy nails.

Very Peri Nails

You can opt for subtle accents, or go for a full periwinkle look that will boost your mood and transport you straight into spring.

Oval Shapes

While coffins and stiletto-shaped nails were all the rage in 2021, Boyce says the tide is turning for 2022. The majority of clients continue to request a long, realistic-appearing oval form.

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