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Nail art is a creative and entertaining method to express oneself. This can be done using colors of your choice as well as designs you like. Movies, environmental elements, candy, graphic arts and emoji are also used as inspiration for nail art. But forget about them; It seems that nail artists are sticking more and more with these unique designs featuring our feline companions. Unclear? Let us explain: If you look closely at a cat’s eyes, you will notice a striking, marble-like and fanciful pattern in them. It’s almost like you’re peering into a planetarium, or getting an up-close view of the universe. And this is exactly (or very close to) what your nails will look like.

Have you ever tried the cat-eye effect? We’re not talking about glasses or liner. This cat craze is all about giving your nails the reflective, dimensional look of cat eyes. When a magnet is placed on the nail, the magnetic particles within the gel-polish create that iconic, galactic effect.This new nail trend called the “cat eye nail” is taking over Instagram. The look consists of a diagonal line drawn straight down the middle of your nail, and like a real cat’s eye, the lines are spaced apart. Not everyone has the same cat’s eye nails. There are both straight and curved lines. Of course, it depends on the magnet’s application.

cat eye

The cat eye manicure gets its name from the narrow line of light that shines through the center of the nail polish. Looking like a cat’s eye, the cat eye gel nail effect is still the hottest thing on the market!


Beautiful Cat-eye Nail Design for 2023

Popular nail art trends include cat-eye nail designs. Cat-eye nail designs are a great choice for fall, today I bring you 30+ beautiful cat-eye nail designs for 2018!


1 Prep your nails with a UV base coat, and cure them under a UV/LED lamp.

2 Apply a coat of black paint, dry, then another coat, dry. (Can help to get a deeper base

good chameleon effect)

3 Apply cat eye gel (don’t treat!)

4 Use a magnet stick near the nail. The closer the distance, the more pronounced the effect. But stay away The effect from the gel is according to the line of the magnet rod and the direction you cast

5 Place it under UV lamp or LED lamp.

6 Apply BeautyBigBang No Wipe top coat and cure under UV/LED lamp.

Red flowers Cat-eye Nail Design

Red flowers Cat-ey

Deep rose Cat-eye Nails

Deep rose Cat-eye

purple Cat-eye Nails and glitter nails

purple Cat-eye Nails

Gray Cat-eye Nails with french manicure

Gray Cat-eye Nails

Purple Cat-eye Nails with sliver glitters

Nails with sliver

Purple and blue Cat-eye Nails with rhinestones

Cat-eye Nails

Purple Cat-eye Nails and glitter nails

Purple Cat-eye Nails

Purple Cat-eye Nails


Sample Cat-eye Nails

Sample Cat-eye Nails

How does Cat-Eye Nail Polish work? Achieving the cat-eye nail look is often done with magnetic polish. This polish contains iron particles that rise to the surface when a magnet is placed over it. This causes particles to sit on top and create a cat’s eye effect.* How do I make cat-eye nail polish? Creating this look is as easy as getting a magnetic polish and drawing on your favorite design. Magnetic polish typically comes with a magnetic tool and can be purchased as conventional polish or gel polish (which requires UV light).  After applying the polish, draw your favorite design on the nail by moving it without touching it and guiding the polish where you want it to be.

Gray Cat-eye Nails with white flowers


Green Cat-eye Nails 

Green Cat-eye Nails 

Dark brown Cat-eye Nails with white flowers

Dark brown Cat-eye

Blue Cat-eye Nails with blue rhinestones

.Blue Cat-eye

Purple Cat-eye Nails with purple flowers

Purple Cat-eye Nails

Tips for creating cat eye nails

Mastering the perfect cat eye nail takes practice. Despite the fact that it may seem like a difficult task, cat eye nails are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease of use, which is made possible by a clever approach that anyone can master after a few tries. Follow this simple tip and you’ll be mastering cat eye nails in no time:

Start by applying the polish to your nails and let it dry completely. Next, apply another layer of polish to one nail at a time and immediately place the magnet over it for 10-15 seconds. The hardest part in this step is getting the magnet close to your nail without actually touching it. You may ruin your nails, but sooner or later, you will get rid of them.

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