How To Make Dark Mehndi Design

Married women are preparing for the big day because . On this day, they dress up beautifully dark mehndi with new clothes and ornaments and apply henna or henna on their hands. Applying henna or henna is considered auspicious and is also an important part of wedding ceremonies in India. It is believed that the darker the mehndi, the more you are loved and adored by your husband. Well, this may or may not be true. But, scientifically speaking a lot depends on the quality of mehndi you use. Apart from that, we have found some natural ways to darken your mehndi. Instead of using other chemical henna, try using these ingredients to darken it naturally.

Some people get a darker henna color naturally while some don’t. So here we give some best tips to make mehndi dark. advice for henna to Darken 

Oxidizes in the shade during the first week. Most color changes occur in the first two weeks; Oxidation then proceeds slowly and minimally. In some cases, oxidation continues and darkens the color.

Why to Use High Quality Henna?

Use High Quality mehndi  Make sure your henna artist uses the highest quality fresh ingredients and you want to buy henna from a reputable source that offers the highest quality products to get the darkest henna possible.

Use sugar for these dark henna

following just three step

1.  Lemon  and Sugar 100 grams

2. 7 tablespoons of eucalyptus oil

3. 15 ml rose water, blossom water

and then Jagua is a pigment that makes the skin darker and we recommend that you add it to the mix when you prepare the past. Make sure to use a wooden spoon and a spoon to mix the henna. The metal paste will change the chemistry. Apply henna on your palm and leave for five minutes. The mark should be bright orange, a sign that if you apply it within 48 hours the paste will stain dark mahogany or dark brown.

How can blacken henna after washing it?

Good old lemon and sugar Boil some water with sugar in it. Add lemon drops to it. Apply your henna as is and once it dries then after After come in hand washing black and henna.

the best oil is best for henna

We find cajaput, tea tree and niaoli oils, which are in the same family as eucalyptus, are safer, more effective and have higher percentages of terpenes and mono-terpene alcohols.



the makes henna last longer

use full some oil like this Using natural oils like sesame seeds, coconut oil, or a tattoo aftercare product like Sanibalam will help extend the life and vibrancy of the henna tattoo.

Darken henna with coconut oil

If you apply Vicks Vaporub, the menthol will interact with the henna design and darken it further. You can also apply coconut oil, almond or olive oil. After 10 minutes, use a paper towel to blot and remove


Best color for mehndi function

Haldi, the main color of the ceremony is yellow. So, if you already wore yellow to that event, then . You can again wear a different shade of yellow to your mehndi ceremony.



some function great look for  dark mehndi design back hand like marriage, engagement, family function, henna competition, younger girls school competition for henna and You can apply this mehndi on occasions like be for baby birth function, it increases the attractiveness of your hands a lot.

As mentioned above, how to apply dark mehndi, what can be done to apply it, how to increase the attraction of people towards you by applying this dark mehndi, you have understood well from the information given above, so you have learned this method by yourself. You can apply it and it will also increase your skills


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