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It is the first step towards a new life with the partner of your dreams. When the bride and groom exchange rings, they silently promise to love, care and respect each other for the rest of their lives.

Every girl wants to look like a princess on her engagement occasion. It is not only makeup, jewelry, and attire that play an important role in making a bride look like a dream in India. There is another missing piece of the puzzle, the piece that completes the entire bridal look. You guessed it right, we are talking about mehndi (henna). The engagement ceremony is a day when the bride’s hand is in the limelight. A beautiful diamond ring doesn’t look good with poorly crafted hands, don’t you think? Embellished hands, adorned with mehndi motifs – now we are talking about that.

It will make your hand and that special ring looks more beautiful and attractive. Top 18 Engagement Mehndi Designs You Should Try In 2023

Bold Fill Pattern

This stunning bold-fill design is perfect for an engagement as it will cover your entire hand and the bangles you wear with this engagement mehndi design will look stunning. The center hanging bell pattern is new and really unique.

Names and Figures In Mehndi

Get funky with this super funky henna design that will have everyone looking twice at your hands. You can make your mehndi designs really creative by adding names and cure figures to them. Give this idea a try, it’s supposed to really work.

Highlighted Rose Design

Give your mehndi a trendy touch with this attractive rose design mehndi. It is simple yet elegant. This beautiful design will make your hands look very beautiful.

Criss-Cross Pattern

Well, if you enjoy full-coverage mehndi designs as I do, then, this crisscross pattern can be your choice for your engagement. The fine and bold filling in the zigzag pattern is really pleasing.

Multi-Pattern Fine Designing

Gosh, this engagement mehndi design is really beautiful. I think it will give you a perfect bridal look. Multi-patterns look amazing in this mehndi art. I am sure everyone will appreciate your mehndi at the ring ceremony.

Bold Flowers

It is important to follow the trend not only in jewelry or silhouette but also in mehndi. If you are a fashionable and trendy bride, go for this bold flower design henna art. It looks fabulous and will suit your taste and style perfectly.

Less But Impressive

Ok. Girls, I understand the situation when your engagement is in a hurry and you don’t have time to apply mehndi, then this is the perfect option for you. Despite the pattern’s simplicity, this engagement mehndi design is really striking.

Floral And Mesh Pattern

This simple mehndi design will be loved by all your aunties and friends. Yes…even your future husband will be happy to see such beautiful mehndi on your hands. Choose this design for your engagement and get complimented by many girls…

Trending Lotus Henna

I am sure you must have seen Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone’s mehndi ceremony pictures on Instagram or other social networking sites. So you must have seen this unique lotus design in her mehndi. So why not give it a shot on the day of your engagement? It will appear quite lovely.

Traditional and Gorgeous

When you want your engagement mehndi design to be traditional, this should be your choice. I think this is the perfect mehndi design for all brides who want simplicity.

Hearts All Around

I know some girls don’t like henna which is totally fine…but girls you can’t skip it on your engagement day. Then I have this beautiful and minimal mehndi design for you all. I hope you like it.

Attractive Grid-Style Mehndi

Show off your best with this attractive grid pattern mehndi art. It is perfect when you want neither a too heavy nor too simple a mehndi look. I think this is the perfect design for your engagement.

Go Arabic

Henna design is an art and this perfectly designed art is perfect for your engagement day. Arabic mehndi designs are loved by everyone. They are evergreen and trust me they will add perfect grace to your hands.

Quotes in Mehndi

Writing quotes and messages in mehndi is “in” these days so girls embrace this idea to make your engagement mehndi super smashing. I really like this idea because you can express your feelings to your partner through your mehndi… it’s so romantic!

Leaf Pattern Henna Art

This is a very beautiful engagement mehndi design with a leaf pattern. You can surely use this idea to make your engagement really special.

Mystic Moon Design

Well… “mystical moon” is the first word that came to my mind when I saw this stunning mehndi art. The round design in this mehndi looks attractive and it will definitely enhance the beauty of your hands.

Mandala Mehndi

Mandala mehndi is a very famous and favorite mehndi design. This design is so popular that you can see mandala patterns in every mehndi art. So according to me, this can be a great option for you on your engagement girls.

Patch Design Henna

Wow .this is a unique mehndi design. I really like it. When you don’t want heavy and full coverage mehndi for your engagement. This can be a good choice for your girls… This engagement mehndi design is cool and beautiful.

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