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What are nail extensions? Nail extension refers to artificial lengths of nails that are then painted with beautiful nail art designs. This is a great way to beautify your nails and make them look great for all kinds of occasions. And for people who don’t grow enough nails or have a tendency to bite their nails, nail extensions can be a savior.

Types of nail extensions

You can get nail extensions done in one of two ways: using artificial nails. In this procedure, an artificial nail tip is applied to the natural nail and then filled with a mixture of liquid monomer and powdered polymer and molded into the nail.

Another and most preferred method is using gel extensions, which can be done in two ways. The first involves using a premade gel mix and applying it directly to the natural nail, which is then cured under UV light or LED light. Another involves applying a pre-prepared gel tip to the nail using a gel (such as press-on nails).

Of the two types, gel nail extensions are the most popular because they don’t damage the nails as much as acrylic tips. In addition, they are also appreciated for their flexibility, light weight and natural-looking manicure effect. Gel nail extensions are also easier to remove than acrylics.

Types of nail shapes

Gone are the days when nail shape only meant round, oval or square. In recent times, nail shapes have ranged from classic to more attractive ones like stiletto, coffin or almond. Let’s look at some of the most common and diverse shapes you can select for yourself.

1 Round

The easiest shape to maintain, round nails are perfect for people with short nails (even nail biters). This classic shape is very low maintenance, following the natural curve of your fingers.

2 Oval

Beautifully enhancing the look of the little fingers is the oval shape that gives it a feminine edge. The shape adds length to your fingers, making them look slimmer. File around the edges of your nails to perfectly achieve this egg-like shape.

3 Square

A popular nail shape that is praised for how stylish it looks, square nails are perfect for anyone with long and narrow fingers. They are filed flat at the tips and have sharp edges.

4 Squoval

Love the angular outline of a square shape but hate those sharp edges? Well then, a chic squall shape is the answer to your dilemma. A square shape but with rounded and soft edges, this nail shape is easy to manage and looks just as classy as a square.

5 Coffin or ballerina

A nail shape that’s all about unconventional glam, the coffin or ballerina shape is tapered down with a flat squared-off tip. It got its name for its obvious resemblance to a casket or ballerina’s shoe. If you want to go bold and love your nails but still want them to feel comfortable then this is perfect for you.

6 Almond

Topping off the glamor of the oval shape is the marked almond shape with a narrow, rounded top. Mirroring the shape of an almond, the nails are filed along the sides and end in a rounded, soft ridge in the middle.


Do you love nail extensions and amazing designs done on them? Do you spend a large part of your salary on buying new designs of nail extensions every month? Then this article is definitely for you. The nail extension design is attractive, it is easy to use and it is also hassle-free. It not only enhances the beauty of your nails but you can also remove it after use. Here, we talk about some of the best nail extension designs inspired by blogging and photo sharing sites like Pinterest.

The first design for brawl is quite simple and made in one color. These are not overly long, and have a formal look as if the color of the nail extension is not fancy at all. You can easily wear it at your workplace, especially when you have a corporate meeting.

This design is a little fancy and is made up of two types of colors. The combination of pink and blue color is a prominent feature in this nail extension design. Some glitter is also used on blue colored nails, while pink nails are designed with embellishments. It can be worn if you go for a casual hangout session with friends or go to a club to party.

This is an attractive nail extension design that is simple yet elegant at the same time. It is based on rose pink and designed with silver white and black colors. Some nails have black stripes, others have animal designs. This is a great nail extension option for casual outings.

These nail extension designs are made with multiple colors for both hands. The white-based nails are made up of bright blue, green and yellow colors and have a golden line around them. On the other hand, the nail designs are made on a red color base, with some decorative ornaments like ornaments adorning the middle part. These will look good on slim, long fingers and are mainly for casual outings.

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